zarsia Tennis Overgrip ¨C Wrap Your Racquet for High Performance (White) 12PC


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Product Specification

  • Color White
  • Type Dry/sticky
  • Item Height 44.8 inch
  • Item Width 1 inch
  • Item thick 0.03 inch

Design Feature

  • Designed for tennis and badminton, they absorb sweat and enhance your tennis racquet grip, giving you an excellent feel and maximum protection for your palms.
  • The product is available in both dry and sticky versions.
    • Dry overgrip has a frosted texture and a dry surface. And is relatively dry.
    • Sticky overgrip has a sticky texture that makes it less likely to slip off.

  • A tape is attached to fasten the overgrip.

Package Specification

  • Dry 12PC
  • Sticky 12PC
  • Dry 6PC Sticky 6PC


  1. Untie the tape from the overgrip and place it aside.
  2. Place the thin end of the overgrip (the beginning end) with the double-sided tape on the side of the bottom cover of the tennis racquet grip (if there is a laminate, remove the laminate first).
  3. Hold the tennis racquet grip and wrap the overgrip around it as you rotate it. The edges of the overgrip can be overlapped each other, and it is important to keep the overgrip taut during wrapping, otherwise it may spread out during the shot.
  4. Wrap the overgrip around the bottom as described above, at this stage cut off the excess overgrip and trim the top edge of the overgrip if required.
  5. Using the tape you have prepared, wrap the end of the overgrip with the tape until it doesn’t spread out.


  • Overgrip will gradually become slippery in the process of use, the feel of the overgrip will deteriorate and bacteria will increase with time. To maintain a great grip and for health reasons, please replace the overgrip regularly, it is recommended that you replace the overgrip within 5 uses.
  • If the overgrip becomes damp or dirty, please replace it.

Length 44.8 inch¬Width 2 inch¬specifically designed for tennis racquet grip.
Excellent sweat resistance, with both anti-slip and sweat-absorbent performance to give you a great grip.
The overgrip has the proper stickiness to enhance your tennis racquet grip, and the dry frosted overgrip has a frosted surface for enhanced friction and better dryness.
For maximum experience, it is recommended that you replace the overgrip frequently or with a new overgrip for each use.
Versatile, this product will not only enhance your tennis racquet grip, but can also be used for badminton, squash, squash balls, p¨¦tanque, archery, rowing, dumbbells, fishing rods, table tennis rackets and drumsticks.


zarsia Tennis Overgrip ¨C Wrap Your Racquet for High Performance (White) 12PC
zarsia Tennis Overgrip ¨C Wrap Your Racquet for High Performance (White) 12PC
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