Thorza Tennis Racket Grip Cover, Black, Removable Protective Handle Wrap for Storage and Bag Transport, Universal Racket Accessory for Active Players


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Help prevent your tennis racket handle from being damaged when it’s being stored with a universal slip-on grip cover designed for avid tennis players.
If you’re like most people who love playing tennis you keep a racquet with you just about everywhere you go. But if you’re also like most people you cover up the racquet but leave the grip unprotected. This can lead to a breakdown in materials, grip strength, and even grip quality. That’s why we developed Thorza Tennis Grip Covers that slide right over the end of the handle and provide better short-term travel and long-term storage protection so you can keep your racquet looking nice but also ensure lasting grip strength and balance.
Crafted with lightweight, high-quality materials this protective sleeve is essential for anyone who sticks their racquet in a bag but leaves the grip exposed, stores multiple racquets in the off-season, or simply wants to better protect their grip traveling to and from matches. And because it works with a wide range of different brands it’s a smart choice for amateur players and professionals alike.
Product Details:

  • Tennis Grip Handle Cover (Black)
  • Protective Slide-On Sleeve
  • Protects Grip Quality and Materials
  • Lightweight and Removable
  • Designed for Storage and Travel Use
  • Beginner and Professional Friendly
  • Universal Racket Support

Keep your tennis racquet grip better protected when it’s being stored or unused with a high-quality tennis racquet handle cover from Thorza and make sure you’re always ready to hit the court with confidence.
PREMIUM TENNIS RACKET GRIP WRAP – A smart, effective way to protect the long-term grip effectiveness and stability of your tennis racquet grip these sleeves simply slide over the base to provide extra protection when storing or transporting gear.
PROTECT LONG-TERM RACQUET VALUE – Protecting the racket grip helps reduce your need to replace it too early, ensures a better grip on forehands and backhands by preventing foam grip damage, and keeps your racquet looking newer, longer.
SUPPORTING COURT PLAY EVERYWHERE – While these are specifically designed for modern tennis rackets, they can also be used with a ton of other common racquet types including squash, pickleball, paddleball, and much more.
HIGH-QUALITY, LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS – These tennis racquet grip covers are made with durable and breathable materials that help keep handles from breaking down early or getting damaged while being safer on the grips and racquets themselves.
UNIVERSAL BRAND COMPATIBILITY – The Thorza racquet grip wrap cover is designed to work with a variety of different tennis brands and racket styles, so you can slide it over your rackets for versatile convenience.

Thorza Tennis Racket Grip Cover, Black, Removable Protective Handle Wrap for Storage and Bag Transport, Universal Racket Accessory for Active Players
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