Tennis Racquet Bag, Hopper, Feeder All-in-One Picker Upper Basket Cart on Wheels for 4 Rackets, 150 Bulk Balls. Store, Travel, Practice All Gears for Softball, Baseball, Pickleball with VIV TennisPUB


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TennisPUB court1TennisPUB court1

Tennis Gears All In One, Super Convenient!

VIV TennisPUB is a light and durable all-in-one play companion with multiple compartments for racquets, tennis balls, and other accessories. No other bags and hopper basket will be needed.VIV TennisPUB is invented by a chronic pain doctor who loves playing tennis. It is an advancement of the traditional heavy tennis hopper aiming to remove and reduce all body stress from carrying and transporting tennis gears as well as picking up tennis balls from the ground.With a well-designed hopper frame underneath, VIV TennisPUB can pick up balls from the ground by simply rolling over the balls. Without the bag being lifted to push balls, it is even more effortless than the traditional tennis hopper and it doesn’t matter how many balls it carry inside.VIV TennisPUB is a rolling luggage with all functions built together into one piece. No assembly or even configuration will be needed on and off court.VIV TennisPUB is well made out of high quality water-resistant oxford cloth. It is lightweight yet sturdy.It is by design to reduce its own weight so VIV TennisPUB will be very practical to operate even at its full capacity. Other than those coaching sessions, a typical tennis play usually has less than 100 balls involved.If you want to review your practice later, simply attach a cell phone holder to VIV TennisPUB and record yourself via mobile phone or tablet.Great gift idea for tennis fans – it’s been rated the top 10 gift ideas for women by the TennisEventGuide: “This is probably one of the coolest tennis inventions I’ve seen in a while. It’s a lightweight rolling bag (like a suitcase), holds 200+ balls, has a stand to be like a hopper for feeding and you just roll over the balls to pick them up. It’s almost too cool to even write about so please click the image and check it out for yourself”.

stand combostand combo

Feeder Stand

The bag can be raised upon its back holder, enabling easy access to balls inside it. The stand itself is 18-ch high when the holder is fully expanded.

hopper picker smallhopper picker small

Hopper Picker

Retrieve balls from the ground easily – roll it over to the balls, push it forward with the handle, and the balls will be picked up effortlessly!

hou version TennisPUBhou version TennisPUB

Tennis Ball Bag

This is the Tennis ball bag you’ve never seen! While it’s light, it holds more than 200 balls, even good for using ball machines and feeders.

Side Pocket for RacketsSide Pocket for Rackets

Tennis Racquet Bag

Two side pouches for racquets – as long as the heads aren’t wider than 11-in. The upper end of the pouches is open so to hold any type of bat handle. Each pouch can hold more than 1 rackets.

Accessory PouchAccessory Pouch

Accessory Compartment

A compartment inside the bag for accessories – keys, cell phones, water bottle, towels, cloth, shoes, etc. A 12-can cooler insert will fit easily!

No-bending picking

Balls to collect
200 55 75 150 50
Rolling wheels

Hold rackets
2 2
Hold accessory

Raised stand for serving

Weight (lb)
12 7.7 5.7 9.8 2 1.1
Need Assembly

All-in-one companion

VIV TennisPUB is your ultimate tennis tool! No more bags needed for tennis play and say bye to ball hopper.
VIV TennisPUB will help you retrieve tennis balls from the ground. All you need to do is to roll it around, push forward then down with the handle and the balls will come back to the bag effortlessly!
VIV TennisPUB is also a 200+ ball holder with stand to help hand you balls while you practice your stroke or serve.
VIV TennisPUB has wheels and a handle to let you push or pull it along with you.
Easy to use –

Tennis Racquet Bag, Hopper, Feeder All-in-One Picker Upper Basket Cart on Wheels for 4 Rackets, 150 Bulk Balls. Store, Travel, Practice All Gears for Softball, Baseball, Pickleball with VIV TennisPUB
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