Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine (Best Model for an Intermediate Player)


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PORTABILITY ball machine is 50CM(H), 45CM(L), 30CM(W) weighs 19kg for the AC model and 21kg for the battery version. The SPINSHOT-Plus is lighter and more compact than any other ball machine with similar features. Towing wheels included. EASY SETTINGS All settings can be quickly setup on the control panel and shown on the LCD screen. The ball speed goes from 10km/h to 120km/h. The feed rate goes from a 2 second to the 10-second interval. Height and Spin levels are in digital numbers. OSCILLATION MODES: tennis machine has five different oscillation modes as listed below. Settings are through the control panel, and offering you full versatility for your favorite workouts or drills. RANDOM HORIZONTAL OSCILLATION;  2-LINE HORIZONTAL OSCILLATION; VERTICAL OSCILLATION; RANDOM HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL OSCILLATION;  2-LINE HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL OSCILLATION; OSCILLATION PROGRAMMABILITY The machine will allow you to program different oscillation parameters to customize your court drills. h1-h2 will be used to change the vertical oscillation, and w1-w2 will be used to change the 2-line oscillation width. The user can program the spin, speed, and shots in different oscillation modes. POWER INPUT The SPINSHOT-Plus battery can support 2-3 hours of play. BATTERY INFORMATION. A 12 Volt 12 Amp Battery is shipped in a separate box to the machine itself. Battery charger included. The customer can order a Power Module as an optional part for $129. To fit the module into the machine is super easy and it can be looked up in UM. REMOTE CONTROLLER: An Android and I-Phone based remote application are available to control the Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine. USER MANUAL:http://www.spinshotsports.com/UM.htmlWebpage: http://www.spinshotsports.com/Spinshot-plus.html* Video of Spinshot-Machines :https://www.youtube.com/embed/g019y-R3Qls?rel=0
Only Tennis Ball Machine not Made of Plastics
Make Quick Oscillation Mode Programmable by Control Panel or Free Phone Remote App
Only Tennis Ball Machine with Patented De-Jam Design
The Tennis Ball Machine with Flexible Power Options Available


Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine (Best Model for an Intermediate Player)
Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine (Best Model for an Intermediate Player)


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